The Story of Mozart

There is nothing more gratifying on a summers day then indulging in a bowl of sumptuous ice cream. It transports you to a simpler time in your life, a time where the only care in the world was the childhood pursuit of dreams and ambitions that only a child can have.

This is the story of Mozart Ice Cream. The company was founded by Chaco Kember who was born in Argentina 1947. Growing up in the Bread Basket of South America, Chaco was taught from an early age that had work and perseverance pays off. This did not stop him from childhood pursuits of happiness, he was the lead singer for the popular Argentine band Le Chago and played rugby for Argentina in his youth. It was at this time that he made the decision to moving to South Africa as the political scene in 1970s Argentina was going through tumultuous changes.

Chaco described his childhood as one that was blissful and full of fond memories, memories that he wanted to recreate for his children. Growing up in an ice cream loving nation, Chaco saw the opportunity to bring Italian ice cream to a market that was wide open for opportunities. Initially, he imported all the equipment from Europe and opened his first store on West Street in central Durban in the 1980s

Since then, Mozart has grown to a nationwide known brand. At its peak, the company had 54 franchised stores around South Africa. However, the business acumen did not see the same growth and a number of unfortunate mistakes were made. This significantly affected the company and almost overnight, Mozart shrunk back to nine stores in KwaZulu-Natal.

But the story was not over. In Knysna, a young man diligently helped his mother at their humble Mozart store on the waterfront. His mother was his hero and instilled in him family values of love and responsibility. Longing to be with his friends in Johannesburg, Bradley Geldenhuys saw the joy that ice cream brought to the faces of children and parents alike, it was then that he realized that he was not merely selling a product, he was selling something that created a perfect moment in time; he was selling an opportunity to replicate a memory of a perfect childhood.

Bradley eventually followed his dream and embarked on a successful career in IT. He now owns one of South Africa’s fastest growing IT consulting business that helps business automate business processes. This was the training field for his particular brand of thought leadership that has seen a South African brand grow borth locally and globally.

Bradley and his wife Annelie bought Mozart Ice Cream from Chaco in 2015 with a plan to bring the business back to its formal glory days. Mozart Ice Cream is now on a strong revival path.

These vivid memories of a perfect childhood stir the blood. As you close your eyes and imagine the voice of your father and mother laughing or working doing their best to create happy memories for their families, can you afford not to have your bowl of Mozart today?

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